Year 11

Year 11 Careers Education, information & guidance


Year 11 entitlement.


  • In Years 10 and 11 you will have a planned programme of Careers Education and Guidance in accordance with the DFE Careers Education Framework 7 -19: Statutory Guidance: Impartial Careers Education

  • The Careers programme will be delivered by your form tutor within form time.  In addition there will be careers guidance assemblies at various points throughout the year.

  • In Year 11, the world of work will be explored through the a specific programme of study. This will include preparing letters of application, updating CVs and action plans. The lessons will give you the opportunity to access careers and university websites, use U-explore & Fast Tomato to support your development of life skills, goals and target setting. This will include sessions in the Careers library where you can visit further and higher education websites and look at prospectuses. There will be the opportunity to access Careers advice through taster days and college talks.

  • You will also have access to careers advice and guidance in careers lessons. You can request a careers interview and will complete a careers based act ion plan.

  • Throughout the year in tutor time there will be the opportunity to reflect on progress so far, skills and qualities, and the opportunity to discuss goals and targets for the future.

  • The Independent careers advisor, Jane Device,  and the College liaison staff, Mrs Hurley, will be available throughout the year for careers advice and support.