Home School Agreement

It is statutory to have a home school agreement as set down in Section 110 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

At Melior Community Academy we believe that a strong home-school partnership will make us a more successful school.

Our home-school partnership is important to us for very good reasons. We have a vital role to play in the lives of all our students by helping them access the highest quality education. Each individual child contributes to the success of Melior Community Academy by way of their atti-tude and achievements. However, family influences have a powerful effect upon children’s attitudes and achievements.

It is a proven fact that if parents show high levels of support for the school and take an active interest in their child’s schooling these students progress 15% further in Maths and reading than other children. Where the home-school link is strong there are also few-er problems related to work and behaviour.

Our partnership is of paramount importance and the home-school agreement is a reflection of our trust in each other and the ability of the school, parents and students to work together. It outlines the rights and responsibilities we all have towards each other. At Melior Community Academy we believe that to secure the best learning environment for all our children it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that we can all enjoy these four basic rights.

All students have a right to learn

All adults have a right to do their job

Everybody has a right to work in a safe, healthy, pleasant and clean environment

Everybody has a right to dignity and respect

Melior Community Academy hope that you and your child will read this agreement with care and thoughtfulness because you are not just signing a piece of paper – you are making a strong commitment to work with us to provide your child with the very best education and grounding for the future that we can give them – together!


At Melior Community Academy we always want to improve our service to you and the quality of education that we provide for your child. You can help us in two ways:

Come and join our parents’ consultation group. We would like interested parents to give us their views on how we can do things better for all our children. More information on this will follow.

Let us know if you think we can improve this document in any way to strengthen our partner-ship with you and your child.