Nurture (Spectrum Suite)

(SPECTRUM) Supporting Pupils Experiences Caring Trusting Reassuring Understanding Minds

Nurture Groups are:

  • Small supportive classes
  • provide a secure, predictable environment where the different developmental needs of each pupi are catered for
  • are staffed by two adults
  • focuses on emotional and social development as well as academic progress
  • ensures pupils remain on their mainstream class role with an expectation that they will return to their class when progress is made
  • includes a range of students who may have some difficulties in class due to various reasons


Our students said the following in respect of Nurture Groups:

"In Nurture, I had all the help I needed to achieve in English. Now I have moved up two sets"

"Nurture has helped me develop my social skills and taught me how to control my anger"

The staff are always there when you need them. They help to calm me down when I feel angry"


% of Pupil Premium/Non Pupils Premium Pupils in NG