Our Values

At its core the Delta values outstanding educational provision for leaners of all ages. Firmly rooted in the context of the local community, we seek to provide excellence in teaching through the encouragement of high expectations and adherence to traditional values and standards.

The Delta’s and therefore our values are based upon four founding principles;


  • To deliver quality learning experiences for all students with a mix of learning pathways offering personalised and dynamic programmes.
  • Quality teaching using data and information to plan high quality, differentiated learning.
  • Strong quality assurance systems with the setting of personalised improvement targets, monitoring of real time data, assessment for learning, classroom observation, effective intervention programmes and internal inspections.
  • Quality Leadership and Management and Governance through support, challenge and scrutiny.
  • Quality outside of the classroom activities with external programmes, accelerated learning, curriculum enrichment and study support.
  • Quality systems for academy support including services and facilities.


  • Believe in local solutions for local needs and not a one size fits all solution for academies.  We seek to work in partnership with academies building upon existing strengths and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Seek to work in partnership with local governing bodies and senior leadership teams. The Delta appoints the majority of local governing body members, to work with local community representatives and expects each local board to outwork its delegated responsibilities for its own academy. It is expected to challenge and monitor the performance of its academy, securing excellent educational provision and, by adding capacity and challenge, seek to secure excellent education provision for students and professional development for its staff.
  • The Delta has a track record of working with faith groups and Local Authorities and welcomes the opportunity to embrace and work alongside external partners on projects.
  • The Delta actively support partnership arrangements with multi-agency and inter-agency frameworks to support the wider development of students.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with local health providers, Higher Education Institutions, local Further Education Colleges, other schools and training providers, striving for a coherent high quality overall provision for all young people.
  • The Delta fosters partnerships and collaborative arrangements through its family of academies enabling all to share their skills and expertise to support academy improvement.
  • The Delta encourages close working relationships and partnership arrangements with primary feeder schools providing effective curriculum continuity and lifelong learning.
  • The Delta recognises its academies are at the heart of their communities, and are willing to share their capacity and facilities with other schools and the wider community.


  • Melior has an ethos of responsible achievement together with a foundation of guidance towards good citizenship.
  • A direct responsibility for our own performance. In that aim we will be fully supported by the Delta Core Improvement Team.
  • Melior is responsible for working with all its employees developing a framework for professional development and remuneration to attract, retain and continuously re-skill its best teachers and support staff, to deliver a dynamic personalised curriculum through planned learning pathways.


  • As an organisation Delta aspires to be the best provider of education in the community which it serves, mindful of the needs of the local economy, allowing its young people to achieve and gain the necessary skills to become responsible members of the knowledge based society.
  • Melior recognises the need to raise the aspirations of its students and improve their self-esteem and provide students with the same opportunity and curriculum entitlement.
  • We aim to raise aspirations and ensure progression in learning, leading to study at higher levels or in appropriate vocational programmes with local employers and colleges.
  • We will encourage and enable as many young people as possible to participate in Further and Higher Education.
  • We will seek to use the latest information technology to improve learning.
  • We will ensure all students succeed and that learning is engaging and fun.
  • We aim to offer a rich programme of pastoral and vocational guidance and Personal, Social and Health Education.