Study Support Sessions/Detentions

The academy has a strong policy of restorative justice.

Restorative approaches also known as restorative practice are designed to create a harmonious learning environment where pupils are able to self-regulate their own behaviour and learning. Restorative approaches have been found very effective in improving behaviour and learning where implemented as a whole school approach.

Restorative approaches are based on four key features:

- RESPECT: for everyone by listening to other opinions and learning to value them
- RESPONSIBILITY: taking responsibility for your own actions
- REPAIR: developing the skills within our school community so that its individual members have the necessary skills to identify solutions that repair harm and ensure behaviours are not repeated
- RE-INTEGRATION: working through a structured, supportive process that aims to solve the problem and allows young people to remain in mainstream education.

Where students are expected to attend a departmental detention session, this is often the first opportunity for staff and students to engage in a restorative conversation.  

The timetable is shown below:


* The Academy does not need to give 24 hours’ notice for detentions or internal exclusions. We will however rearrange a detention where the setting of a detention will compromise a student's safety, or the student has known caring responsibilities which mean that the time of the detention is unreasonable.

Further information is available on the DFE website.

For further detail in relation to the extension studies set by the academy please see the policy below.