Student Empowerment

Prefects act as role models to our younger students. They are also the image the public see of our students when they visit Melior Community Academy for parents' nights, open nights etc. Melior Prefects also take a lead role in Melior traditions such as organising the Prom and publishing the yearbook. As part of our prefect group we appoint a Head Boy and Girl, who, assisted by Executive Prefects, regularly meet our Academy Principal, Miss Bidmead and her team of school leaders to discuss the issues of most concern to Melior students. In 2013 we introduced Junior Prefects to assist prefects with their duties. These year 8 and 9 pupils are appointed on the grounds of good behaviour, attendance, punctuality and have demonstrated an excellent attitude to their learning.

The School Council at Melior Community Academy is split into separate year groups. Each form elects a councillor to speak on their behalf. In recent years the school council has undertaken projects and published findings on topics such as: What makes a good teacher? What makes a good student? What makes a good lesson? Councillors are often afforded the privilege of meeting visitors to the school, such as our local MP.


'Nik Dakin MP visited Melior Community Academy's School Council .  Here are some of the quotes from the students:
 "I didn't realise how difficult a job he has" Yasmine Smith
"I was surprised by the lenghty hours he works and how often he has to stay in London" Alifie Wattam
"It was good to know he has similar views and concerns as us" Caragh McElhinney
"I was impressed by the number of important meetings he has with people such as David Cameron" Matthew Falshaw'

Mentors play a pivotal role in helping year 6 students transfer to Melior Community Academy. They provide a friendly, recognisable face to our younger students at what can be quite a nervous time in their young lives. They visit primary schools and for the first few months they help out in year 7 form time and in the year 7 homebase.

Ambassadors are well respected senior students who have been nominated by Melior Teachers. They are students with a proven track record of hard work and good behaviour in lessons. Their most significant task is to visit the lessons of our younger students every half-term and observe how the youngsters interact with each other and their teachers whilst learning. They then feedback to the class on their strengths and areas for improvement and revisit them later in the term to monitor the improvement.

In 2013, at the suggestion of Miss Bidmead, we introduced Form Captains to Melior Community Academy. Form Captains are eager students who are enthusiastic about helping their peers and teachers. They help organise students at form time and help their form teacher deliver the form-time lesson.