The academy has a clear uniform policy which has been shared with all parents. Students who contravene this policy will be dealt with through the academy behaviour policy. Parents who need financial support to purchase correct uniform, can request this through the academy hardship fund. Girls are expected to be in knee length pleated black skirts or tailored trousers and not pencil or straight skirts. We will no longer accept notes in students journals, if there is a uniform issue parents must contact school and discuss with a phase leader.

BOYS UNIFORM                                                                 GIRLS’ UNIFORM

White shirt                                                                          White shirt 

Clip on Academy Tie                                                             Clip on Academy Tie

Black Blazer with School Logo                                               Black Blazer with School Logo

Plain black tailored trousers                                                  Plain black knee length pleated skirt 

trousers (no cord or denim)                                                  or tailored trousers (no cord or denim)

Black V Neck Jumper/cardigan                                              Black V Neck Jumper/cardigan

Plain Black polishable shoes – no                                          Plain Black polishable shoes – no white/coloured white/coloured markings or logos                                          white/coloured markings or logos


Blazers, Jumpers and Ties can be purchased from Shahs in Scunthorpe.


109 - 111 West Street
DN15 6EQ
United Kingdom

01724 844934



BOYS                                                                                                             GIRLS

Black shorts                                                                               Black shorts

Academy blue artex shirt                                                            Academy blue artex shirt

White T-shirt/Polo shirt  (Year 8-11)                                            White T-shirt/Polo shirt (Year 8 - 11)

White socks                                                                               White socks

Black rugby shirt                                                                        Black rugby shirt

Black football socks                                                                    Black football sock

Trainers                                                                                    Trainers

Football boots (optional)                                                             Shin pads (optional)

Shin pads optional                                                                      Football boots (optional)   

                                                                                                Black tracksuit type bottoms (optional)