Pupils will study Cambridge Nationals iMedia

Media Studies is designed to allow Media students to draw on their existing experience of the media and to develop their abilities to explore as well as create media. It will enable students to investigate and create a wide variety of media formats, including traditional platforms as well as modern digital media technologies.

You will study 2 mandatory units and choose 1 optional

  1. Mandatory unit content
    Unit R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry
    This is assessed by taking an exam. In this unit you will learn about the media industry, digital media products, how they are planned, and the media codes which are used to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences.
    □ Topic area 1: The media industry
    □ Topic area 2: Factors influencing product design
    □ Topic area 3: Pre-production planning
    □ Topic area 4: Distribution considerations
  2. Unit R094: Visual identity and digital graphics
    This is assessed by completing a set assignment. In this unit you will learn to how to develop visual
    identities for clients and use the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics to engage target audiences.
    □ Topic area 1: Develop visual identity
    □ Topic area 2: Plan digital graphics for products
    □ Topic area 3: Create visual identity and digital

The optional unit is chosen by the school and could be from:

  • R095: Characters & Comics
  • R096: Animation & Audio
  • R097: Interactive Digital Media
  • R098: Visual Imaging
  • R099: Digital Games

The media industry is vast, covering different sectors and providing work for freelance creatives as well as large teams in design houses and multinational companies. But there are common aspects to all digital media products. This qualification will help you to develop knowledge, and understanding relating to different sectors, products and job roles that form the media industry. You will learn how media codes and conventions are applied to create digital media
products which engage audiences. You will also learn the purpose of, and reasons for legislation applicable
to the media industry and what media producers must do to comply with this legislation. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the properties and formats of media files.