A Welcome to our School.

Hello, my name is Mrs Donnelly and I am the Learning Manager for Year 7. I will be your Learning Manager when you start here at Melior Academy.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all through your transition period at your school, but also on Transition Day when you all visit us for a day here at Melior.

I hope that you are all looking forward to joining us in September as much as we are excited to meet you all.

See you all soon

Mrs Donnelly.

Key staff

Amber Bradley: The Principal

Chris Donnelly: Year 7 Learning Manager

Amanda Stockdale: SLT link for Year 7

Mel Nixon: SEND link for Primary Academies

Megan Wing: SENCo

Getting ready before the school day starts.

Knowledge organiser – Every term pupils are given a knowledge organiser. This includes key information that is needed for each subject.

Planner – Pupils are given a planner so that they can record their homework. It contains lots of useful information and is also used to collect reward stickers.

Uniform – provided free for all year 7 students. However, you will still need to purchase a bag, plain black polish-able shoes, plain black socks or tights and a stationary kit (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber). Skirts should be pleated and knee length.

Knowledge organiser – Every term pupils are given a knowledge organiser. This includes key information that is needed for each subject.

Planners and knowledge organisers need to be brought to school every day.

Pupils also need to bring a reading book with them to school every day. Books are borrowed from the school library or the “reading routes” scheme.

Mobile phones can be brought to school, but they need to be turned off and kept out of sight all day.

On the doors.

In a morning you will be welcomed into school by learning manager and members of the SLT. On the door they will also check your uniform and make sure you have a planner. If you have any concerns, you can chat to the staff on the door.

Breakfast (Bagels and a hot drink) are available free of charge in the atrium from 8am allowing plenty of time for you to have breakfast and get to lesson in time for an 8.25am start.

What to expect in lesson.

Drill task – When you enter the classroom you will be given a drill task to do. This will be a series of questions from work you have already covered. You will complete these questions to help retrieve knowledge that you have already acquired.

Connect – After the teacher has marked your work, they will give you a connect task. This allows you to improve further on the topic you covered the previous lesson.

Aspire and Challenge – Work will be spilt into different levels within the lesson so that you can achieve and make progress.

Demonstrate – This is a task used to monitor how well you have understood the lesson. You complete this task on your own (independently) and the teacher marks it so that you both know your areas of strength and what you need to be to improve.

During lesson, you will be asked to be Proud of the work you produce in your books/folders.

You will also be reminded to SLANT in lessons to make sure you are paying attention so that you can make good progress during the lesson.


Year 7 lunch is from 12.30 to 1pm. You can bring a packed lunch from home, but we also have a large selection of food which can be purchased from school. When you visit the school on transition day you will get to try school lunch at Melior.


The Academy offer enrichment sessions each day after school.

After school Clubs

There are many enrichment activities that you can join after school. Some of the possible groups are:

Drama Club

Sports clubs

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Homework Club

Rewards and recognition

Above and beyond – Are awarded to pupils for exceptional work or attitude with either classwork or homework.

Proud Thursdays – You are nominated for this award if you have produced a piece of work which you and/or the teacher are proud of.

Celebrations assemblies – These happen every term. Pupils receive certificates and prizes for endeavour, achievement, improved attainment, attendance, and much, much, more.

Reward trips – Take place at the end of the school year to reward pupils who have had good attendance and behaviour throughout the year.

Tutor Group

When you start year 7 you will be put into a tutor group. The group will contain pupils from your current primary school and pupils from other primary schools. During every school day you meet as a group, with your form tutor, for 20 minutes. During this time, you find out about issues that are relevant both in school and the wider world. You and your form tutor get to know each other quickly because you see each other every day. If there are any issues that you experience either within, or outside, school you can always speak to your tutor for help and advice.



How long is each lesson?

Lessons at Melior last an hour. Tutor time is 20 minutes. Throughout the day you also get a 15-minute breaktime and a half hour lunch break.

How do I know where to go?

On transition day, and on your first day at Melior you will get to have a tour of the school. You will also get a map of the school in your planner. All our teaching areas lead off the atrium so moving around the school is not as complicated as it may seem. There are always staff on corridors at lesson change over, so they can always help you in the first few weeks.

What happens if I am late?

School opens just after 8am so that you can come in and get a free breakfast (bagel and a drink) before lessons start. Lessons start at 8.25 so this gives plenty of time to get to lessons on time. Unfortunately, if you are late to school you will have to stay behind at the end of the day (detention) so please make sure you are organised in the mornings.

Will I get detentions?

That depends on you. The vast majority of pupils don’t get detentions however if you are late or choose to be disruptive in lessons then sanctions will be applied meaning that you will get a detention.

What happens if I get lost?

You can either use your map (in your planner) to help you, go to reception to ask for help, or speak to one of the numerous members of staff that are on the corridor between every lesson. You will very quickly learn how to get to the various rooms on your timetable as lessons are in the same room every week.

What happens if I forget my homework?

If you often forget to complete your homework on time, then you will be asked to stay behind school to complete tasks. Some homework is set using ICT such as Sparx Maths and Language Nut, so remember to write the passwords in your planner to help you.

Where are the toilets?

At breaktime and lunchtime there are specific toilets to use but your form tutor will show you where these are.

Can I wear trainers?

Trainers are not part of our uniform policy. Instead, you must wear plain black polish-able shoes.

Can I wear jewellery and earrings?

Jewellery, including earrings, are not part of our uniform policy so they must be removed before entering the school gates. If you decide to wear a watch for school, it cannot be a smart watch.

Who can I turn to if I am worried or concerned?

There are numerous staff you can speak to within school. You are greeted by staff on the gates and doors of the school so you can speak to them. You will see your form tutor every day and your learning manager will be around the school all day including at breaks and lunch. At break and lunch there will be members of staff wearing hi-vis coats who you can always turn to. In addition to the numerous members of staff throughout the school who are always willing to help there are peer mentors. Peer mentors are a group of students who have been trained to help fellow students.

Parents Section

Transition day

During the summer term your child will be invited to visit Melior Academy for the day. There will also be the opportunity for you as a family to attend an information evening. Further details of these events will be distributed through your child’s primary school.

My Child at School App

When pupils start Melior, parents can download at app. The app is called My Child At School (MCAS). This allows parents to contact the academy and to quickly receive letters and notifications.

Bulletin home

You will receive regular updates about what your child is learning within school. Key messages are sent home via the MCAS app and updated information can be found on the school website. You will also get the opportunity to come into school to attend face-to-face parent evenings.

SEND Assistance

If your child has a specific need and you are worried about the transition to secondary school, please initially speak to your primary school as numerous transition events are being arranged. If you still have concerns, please contact the academy.

What to do if your child is ill?

On each and every day that your child is ill you must contact the academy to say that they will not be attending. You must provide a reason for their absence, and an expected time of return.

Preparing your child

Transitioning from primary to secondary can be a daunting experience for some pupils which is why he hold transition days for pupils and transition events in the evenings for families.

It may be that the journey to Melior is much longer than the journey to primary so please make sure your child knows the route that they need to walk/cycle to get to school and that they know which school entrance they will be arriving/leaving by.

Additional guidance about school related issues can be found using the link for NLC below:

If you have any questions or concerns, do please contact us on 01724 868666 or alternatively email transition@melior.org.uk